• We are running our meetings through Zoom (you do not have to have a Zoom account)  Please email metro@metrocaravan.com
  • You will log-into the meeting with this link on Friday morning at 8:20-8:25am.
  • The meeting will be hosted by Caravan Committee agents: Christopher Spade and Seth Struiksma (looped into this e-mail).
  • Until further notice, agents that want to pitch a New Listing on virtual pitch should submit their pitches directly to the MLS under TOUR14 as you normally would for Tour 14West (FRIDAY – West of Park Blvd) and 14East (TUESDAY – East of Park Blvd) NO LATER than 5:00pm on Thursdays.
  • The Metro hosts will share their screen and show the photos of each listing while you pitch.
  • Agents that want to pitch listings in the other categories (Seasoned & Reduced, Out-of-Area and Rentals) should email the MLS numbers directly to Richard Woods  woodsreservices@gmail.com NO LATER than 5:00pm on Thursdays.
  • If you have an “add-on pitch,” you will message the hosts directly using the Chat feature on the bottom of the screen during the Zoom mtg. The host will track add-on requests during the meeting. Add-on pitches will be done on a time permitting basis.
  • For Agents and Affiliates that wish to pitch a Good of the Order, they should message the meeting hosts (not everyone) and describe the subject matter of their Good of the Order. The host will reply if it’s approved. Only approved subject matters will be allowed to be pitched at the meeting.
  • Once the meeting has concluded, we are opening up the meeting for the Caravan Committee members to go over some “Best Practices” as well as an open discussion for all attendees.

Please know, we’ll be expecting you to use video, but please leave your mic on MUTE! When it’s your turn to pitch, you can un-mute.


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