All meetings begin promptly at 8:30 am. If you plan to pitch, please arrive by 8:15 and sign up to pitch with the co-hosts.

  • Welcome Intro of co-chairs and meeting affiliates (front door managers, sponsor coordinator, tour sheet providers, monthly investor education meeting coordinator).
  • Administration Reminder to quiet cell phones, limit pitches to 30 seconds each, tip waiter, reminder of 2 hour parking limit on the site.
  • Introduction Agents and affiliates attending the meeting for the first time (or the first time in a while) are asked to stand and introduce themselves by name and company so they may be welcomed


  • New listings not on caravan
  • Friday Caravan
  • Tuesday Caravan
  • Sponsor for the Day
  • Seasoned and Reduced Listings
  • Action-Ready Buyers
  • Out of Area (buyers and sellers)
  • Rentals
  • Open Houses for the Weekend
  • Good of the Order Announcement (limited to real estate-related announcements of general interest to all agents)

    Reminder to keep the meeting space clean and remove all papers
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