A very warm thank you goes to Ginny Ollis for providing this first person account of the history of METRO.

METRO was my idea back in the 1980s. These were the times when brokers, although belonging to the MLS, held listings close to their chests and as, sadly, we still see happen, did not recognize all other brokers and agents as their teammates. I recruited my manager, Heather Chisholm Chait, Dennis Frieden who was then owner of First Mission Properties in Mission Hills, and his manager, and we four met at my tiny apartment table and talked about how we could find a bigger stage for our sellers and buyers if we all could meet weekly, not just by office.

We started at the two-story building on Fort Stockton and Hawk Street, now owned by Safdie and Rabines, Architects, assembling every Friday morning at 8:30 just as we do now, and the group was an immediate success. We used to have programs for part of the meeting image consultants, top agent panels, inspector instructors, and the like, and then we pitched our listings.

When the bank closed we were fortunate to be welcomed at The Gathering.  It was during this incarnation that we began formally choosing leaders for 6-month terms, electing an annual Agent of the Year, presenting buyer needs, and holding a monthly investor meeting prior to the regular session.

Investment broker, Tom Perry, taught our investor group for 3-4 years, spending every week giving us tips and knowledge that aided our ability to facilitate investor clients and urging us to take advantage of the opportunities for ourselves as investors! With all the classes I have taken, no one is clearer or more succinct, yet thorough, than Tom Perry in this field, he was a phenomenal gift to our members!

Unfortunately, several years along we outgrew the Gathering space and moved over to Terra Restaurant, which was then located in the Uptown District.  This location was our best so far.  The owner was enormously responsive to our needs, parking was easily available, and the location was more central to our overall population.

The original group worked up a set of By-Laws, but we never did raise or spend the money to incorporate.  We dont try to charge more than we absolutely need to meet our rent and few miscellaneous expenses.

What I do know is that our Metro group has become a paragon and standard I would wish to see throughout the industry. We have learned to trust and give to each other, and in doing so, we have also elevated our own practices.  I am in such admiration of these colleagues!

Agents who have been elected to the AGENT OF THE YEAR honor to date are:

1990 Ginny Ollis
1991 Russ Elrod
1992 Barbara Strona
1993 Gina Barnes
1994 Deralyn Kaheny
1995 Gary Blume
1996 Steve Garjian
1997 Ginny Ollis
1998 Louisa Campagna
1999 Tom Perry
2000 Dave Spierman
2001 Herm Neely
2002 Eileen Tansey
2004 Dorothy Crisci
2005 Amy Del Nagro
2006 Del Phillips
2007 Ken Tablang
2008 Richard T. Woods
2009 Megan Beauvais
2010 Gina Barnes
2011 Ashley Lunn
2012 Peggy Walkush
2013 Richard Woods
2014 Ashley Lunn
2015 Jennifer Brimhall
2016 MaryBeth Kellee

2017 Todd Armstrong

2019 Jen Rix

2020 Rocky Rockhill

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